helllo dear database-commmunity

well i am pretty new to Ruby - i need some advices - on the other handside i know MySQL abit better.

i plan to do some requests in osm-files. (openstreetmap)

Question - how can i store the results on a Database -
eg mysql or - (if you prefer postgresql) -

note: my favorite db - at least at the moment is mysql

here the code

    require 'open-uri'
    require "net/http"
    require 'rexml/document'
    def query_overpass(object_type, left,bottom,right,top, key, value)
       base_url = "http://www.overpass-api.de/api/xapi?"
       query_string = "#{object_type}[bbox=#{left},#{bottom},#{right},#{top}][#{key}=#{value}]"
       url = "#{base_url}#{URI.encode(query_string)}"
       resp = Net::HTTP.get_response(URI.parse(url))
       data = resp.body
       return data
    overpass_result = REXML::Document.new(query_overpass("node", 7.1,51.2,7.2,51.3,"amenity","restaurant|pub|ice_cream|food_court|fast_food|cafe|biergarten|bar|bakery|steak|pasta|pizza|sushi|asia|nightclub"))
    overpass_result.elements.each('osm/node') {|x|
      if !x.elements["tag[@k='name']"].nil?
        print x.elements["tag[@k='name']"].attributes["v"]
      print " | "
      if !x.elements["tag[@k='addr:postcode']"].nil?
        print x.elements["tag[@k='addr:postcode']"].attributes["v"]
        print ", "
      if !x.elements["tag[@k='addr:city']"].nil?
        print x.elements["tag[@k='addr:city']"].attributes["v"]
        print ", "
      if !x.elements["tag[@k='addr:street']"].nil?
        print x.elements["tag[@k='addr:street']"].attributes["v"]
        print ", "
      if !x.elements["tag[@k='addr:housenumber']"].nil?
        print x.elements["tag[@k='addr:housenumber']"].attributes["v"]
      print " | "
      print x.attributes["lat"]
      print " | "
      print x.attributes["lon"]
      print " | "
      if !x.elements["tag[@k='website']"].nil?
        print x.elements["tag[@k='website']"].attributes["v"]
      print " | "ll 
      if !x.elements["tag[@k='amenity']"].nil?
        print x.elements["tag[@k='amenity']"].attributes["v"]
        print " | "
look forward to hear from you

again - i would love to store it on a mysql - database - if possible. If you would prefer postgresql - then i would
takte this one.... ;-)

well - i guess that the answer to this will be the same no matter what language we are using.
If the db is a sql database we need to design the database schema and create the tables in the database.

The first step in accessing a db in our code is to get a connection to it.
If ruby is our choice of language, a search for "ruby sql connector" will give us
lots of options to read about.

Well - we also can do it in PHP. What do you think!?

Next, based on the schema we have designed, we need to create queries suitable for storing the data. We will likely need to consider our transactional model.

Again, searching "ruby sql transactional model" will give us plenty of food for thought.
Finally, we may want or need to close the connection to the database.