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    Unanswered: Image saving in MS SQL 2005/2008 DB

    Dear Friend,

    I have developed on winodws based application using C# in .NET. I am connecting from my database using internet, means my database kept on remote location. I have to save images in DB because I can't save and access images in external folder from remote location. In this situation my DB is growing very fast. Is there any other alternative to work on this requirement or compress image in any format so that I can reduce DB size.

    I am looking help on urgent basis. Thanks for your support in advance.


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    "It depends" is the answer to both of your questions. I don't know of a way to give you a specific answer without knowing your complete configuration (every piece of software and infrastructure between the keyboard and the disk).

    You do have choices, but you'll need to provide more information for someone to be able to help you.

    The first question that jumps to mind is how are your images formatted? At least in most cases, PNG or JPG images can't be compressed enough to be worth the effort. BMP or RAW files can be reduced to 5-20% of their original size. Depending on your choices, there may or may not be opportunities here.

    The next question that occurs to me is WHY is the database growing, and what does "very fast" mean to you?

    I'm guessing that there are ways to significantly reduce or manage the size of your database, but at the moment I have far more questions for you than I have answers!

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