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    Unanswered: Data Studio - Is the execution time correct?

    Hi all, new here.
    I'm timing some queries to build up a benchmark of sorts using Data Studio 4.1 on Windows. What I have found though is that after starting; the query might run for 5 minutes but the execution time will display as 245ms, as an example. There can be a massive discrepancy between me with a stop watch measuring and the Data Studio "execution time".
    I guess the question is; what does execution time measure?
    Does it include server round-trips? In my example it spent 4min+ doing that?
    By the way I only observe this occasionally, not all the time.
    Anyone else having this issue?

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    For a benchmark of sorts I suggest you use db2batch, which is available specifically for this purpose.
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    never do benchmarking on remote stations - only if you want to show that your station or the network is the problem part.
    there is a benchmark tool with db2 that can be used for this purpose. see infocenter for details
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    Thanks for the quick replies.
    The db2batch command was exactly what I was after, without knowing it.
    There I was running statements one-by-one and recording the time!
    Sure made my day!

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