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    Unanswered: Statistical Table Via Data Table

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    I have 2 tables in a Mysql database. Everytime a new part is sold an insert occurs in to the PartsSoldTable. What I want to do is everytime an insert occurs into the PartsSoldTable. I want to somehow update the AveragePriceTable showing the updated average price. I would also like it to be dynamic in that say for instance a new part "Part F" is inserted into the PartsSoldTable, The AveragePriceTable would add a new entry showing this and list its average.
    I am unsure if something like this is even possible and if so how should I go about it. On a side note I would actually be willing to pay someone to figure this out for me.
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    Why have an average price table?

    You can always calculate the average price when required using the average function in a query.
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