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    Scheduled Maintenance Tracking: DB Design

    Hey, everyone. So I am making an equipment database in MS Access. Part of that database is to track the maintenance of each piece of equipment.

    So let's each piece of equipment would have certain maintenance weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. While not every piece of equipment would have something to be done for each of these items, they will all likely have something for at least one of these timeframes.

    I am stuck on how I should handle this design wise. The main goal is to make sure that the end users know what maintenance is coming up (what maintenance is due for the next week or two, etc.). I am thinking of having a "dashboard" on the main page that shows what maintenance is coming up and what is over due, but I am not sure how to translate this into a table.

    Has anyone run into something like this before? I'm open to suggestions. Many Thanks.

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    You'd need tEquip to hold each individual piece.

    then track the maintenance in related tbl:
    [PlanDate] -planned future main date
    [MaintDate] -actual date

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    Thanks ranman256. I meant to post my solution. I thought about it some more after my post I came to a similar conclusion. I am planning on having similar fields to the one you posed, but have a "due date" field. I can then have an entry for each maintenance (I'm going to write a macro for generating these) and compare competed date to due date. Appreciate the input!

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