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    I have created an activity booking database, i have used 5 tables 'Activity, Booking, Centre, Member, Membership'

    Each activity has a maximum amount of members that can book so i created a summery query which also creates a new field called 'Spaces' this changes from a total to 'Full' when the total bookings for and activity on a specific date equals the maximum value for the activity. all works fine but it allows over booking to happen, i have tried all sorts but i am very new to access and so a few pointers in the right direction would be great-fully received.

    I have attached my db if it will help.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    you can alwasy find the number of bookings for a specific course on a specific date by using either:-
    a domain function such as dcount
    a count or SUM in a recordset

    as to how you display that, well its up to you. persoanlly I wouldn't display a course if I knew it was fully booked. but in some cases you may want to know all courses and see the number of bookings

    |Ive had a quick look at your design and I suspect the tabel sdesign coudl do with a rethink

    yes have acitivites, but then below that have an intersection table which defines what activities are available at a specific centre

    eg spinning class in Hereford, Bromsgrove and Worcester

    then beneath that have a table which identifies the schedule oif that class
    spinning hereford MOnday 14:00-14:30, Tuesday 14:00-15:00

    and beneath that a specific instance of that class
    spinning hereford MOnday 14:00-14:30
    7th July 2014
    14th July 2014
    21st July 2014

    trhen you attach bookings to a specific instance of the class.

    the reason... its data normalisation, reducing data duplication
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