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    Unanswered: Mainform with a command button to subform


    I have spent hours researching and googling and I've hit a wall.

    I'm trying to collect a significant amount of data that is separated into 3 tables/forms. A main form and 2 subforms. All 3 forms are data entry forms and the subforms are to be linked to the main form by a primary key (cellID). I would enter some data into the Main form then chose either subform 1 or 2 depending on a decision to enter the rest of the data.

    I am trying to link a subform to my mainform through a click of a command button. My subforms are too huge to be part of the main form or in tab control.

    My problem is, I can't seem to be able to link the forms if the subform isn't embedded in the main form. I think my relationships are set right but now I'm starting to question everything.

    I'm attaching my database.
    Mainform: Autopsy Station

    PrimaryKey: CellID

    Any help would be muchappreciated.. Thank you
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    sub forms are intended to be embedded......

    but you can open a new form to add rows if you wish uform a command button in another form.

    but Ive alwasy found design wise that its best to embed a sub form.

    what you can do is embed both forms, but have neither visible at first, then display which subform you require as required.

    if your sub forms are too big, then consider using a tabbed dialogue control to display 'chunks' of data. the only downside of that is that users cant see all the data they want and you may need to be a bit more savvy about any validation code.
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    whadoyamean TOO BIG?

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