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    Unanswered: Need Help Please

    I am new to Access and I am using 2010. Much appreciated if anyone can help me with the below.
    I have three lists 1.Client, 2.Sales and 3.Service
    I Did Sales_form to have Client_Name as Combo from Client table.
    Now what I want is, when I select Client_Name as Cbo in Service_Form it should give me Cbo Product_Id sold to that client only. And on selection of that Product_ID it should auto fill Sales_Person and Product_Brand.
    Thanks in advance.
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    so you want soemthing in your combo box that sets a filter or applies a query

    lets say the data is in the current form, I'd have a combo box and a control button. The control button toggles to either apply or remove the filter

    start off with eh control button set to 'apply filter', BUT disable it until the user makes a selection in the combo box

    in the control button's on click event

    if mycontrolbutton.caption = "Apply filter" then
    me.filter = "customerid = " & mycombobox
    me.filteron = true
    me.filter = ""
    me.filteron = false

    in the mycombobox on click event

    mycontrolbutton.enabled = true
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    Also look into a sub form design
    The master form would have the client info and
    the child form (sub form) would show that clients service history.

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