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    Unanswered: Create a button on a form that puts a set value into a textbox

    How can I nmake a button that puts a value into a textbox on the same form? I want to make it so that the user cant edit the text in the textbox, so that the only options are the buttons that I create.

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    In Form Design View
    1. Right-Click the Textbox in question
    2. Click on Properties
    3. Click on the Data Tab
    4. Set the Locked Property to Yes
    5. Create your Command Button

    Now use code like this with the button
    Private Sub cmdSetValue_Click()
     Me.TextboxName = "Whatever"
    End Sub

    If the value is Numeric you'd use

    Me.TextboxName = YourNumberValue

    If you'll ever need the users to simply make the Control blank, again (i.e. they make a mistake and do not know what the value should be) use

    Me.TextboxName = Null

    Having said that, a better idea might be to use a Combobox instead of multiple Buttons to populate the Field. It can be Bound to the Underlying Field (with the Textbox deleted) or simply used to assign the Value to the Textbox.

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    Set the text box property LOCKED = true (data tab)
    Then fill a text box on the button click event...

    txtBox = Dlookup("[Name]",tblClients,"[Id]=" & txtID

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