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    Cool Unanswered: Utility's throttled and Unthrottled


    Environment : DB2 9.7 fix pack 6, OS : red hat, Single partition,Datawarehouse

    In my environment, many utilities like load,runstats,backups will run often.

    BUt for huge tables runstats is running for very long time and due to that remaining jobs are getting slow.

    I just want to know which priorty is best ? and what is unthrottled ?

    ID = 9739
    Type = RUNSTATS
    Database Name = EDW
    Partition Number = 0
    Description = EDW.STAY_HEADER
    Start Time = 06/18/2014 16:00:07.525746
    State = Executing
    Invocation Type = User
    Priority = Unthrottled

    db2 get dbm cfg | grep -i util*
    Workload impact by throttled utilities(UTIL_IMPACT_LIM) = 10

    Thanks to all.

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    You did not give the db size in terabytes/gigabytes, but if this is a warehouse with runstats taking too long, you may get more mileage from introducing sampling into your runstats profiles (or reducing sampling size if you already use sampling). Also ensure your util_heap_sz is as high as you can afford.
    In other words, throttling may give you less benefits than reducing the amount of work (via sampling).

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    My DB size is : 400 GB

    Right now, our util_heap size

    Utilities heap size (4KB) (UTIL_HEAP_SZ) = 524288

    So changing to throttled from unthrottled is not a good option ?

    Is there any way to spped up the runstats for huge tables

    table size - 20 GB

    Thanks for your reply

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    We are not using sampling in runstats .. Thanks for your reply, I will try to use that and check the difference.

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