I have been asked to create a database for my company. However I'm unsure which approach to take. Basically our products can have one or more "sub-systems" which each have different specifications. Most of the specification titles will be relevant to each sub-system.

It is yet to be decided whether this will be for the whole organisation as one central database or if it's just for a product selector for our website.

I've come up with two ideas:

To have two tables, one detailing the main product features e.g. size, model, part number which is linked ( One-to-many) to another table with every single specification for all sub-systems and then have a "Sub-System Type" field.

Or to have a table for each sub-system, linked to the main product table. Each sub-system table then has the relevant specification for that sub-system.

If you can help with deciding which is best and the advantages and disadvantages of each, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or perhaps there's a better way of doing it?