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    Hi I am taking online database class and I have no idea what im doing...i hope someone here will be able to help me... we mainly work with access and we learned some SQL as well.
    Here are my exercises for this week... I don't even know where to start.. any help will be greatly appreciated
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    First off, your attachment is too dark to be read!

    Secondly, you might notice that almost 40 members have looked at your post and not responded; that's because we are not a homework service! We're here to help people with specific programming problems, emphasis on specific! I suspect that your instructor has either lectured on the subject of normalization or assigned reading material that explains the concept. If you post a specific question about a specific aspect of Normalization, we'll be more than happy to help.

    Here's a link you might try to a Microsoft Knowledgebase article on the basics of Normalization:

    Description of the database normalization basics

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    Hope this helps!

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