I am working to improve the performance on some queries on DB2, but all the information are given in CPUs. I have DB2 CPU usage, and by Query Monitor, how many each program is spending CPU time.

However, as the measure is MSU, I am not able to see, how many MSUs I am saving with the improvement.

Does anyone know how can I do to calculate this convertion?

I know that I need to have more information to reach to the value, such as, the model of the hardware, how many processors are being used, maybe SU/CP, etc..

I found the address: https://www-304.ibm.com/servers/reso...x?OpenDocument and this document gives me some information about the hardware used.

So, it seems that I also need a formula - a calculation, to get the final value. Does anyone could send to me? If there are other information that I need to get, please, let me know how I can get it as well.

I would appreciate any information.