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    Unanswered: Want to see unchecked entries only

    I am a novice so I need step by step instructions....Please.

    I have a simple database where one group of people enter data into a form and another group run a report to extract that data and complete the action necessary based on the entries.

    I have created a separate form which includes checkboxes so that when the necessary actions are completed they can be checked off.

    In my query I have the criteria as Null...I don't know if this is correct.

    My problem is when the report is run, it still shows all the entries, the ones showing completed with the check in the checkbox and also the ones that are still uncompleted and therefore not checked.

    What I would like is for the report to only show the entries that have Not been completed/checked.

    I will appreciate any assistance with this. I've been trying to figure it out by trial and error for days but am stumped.


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    Try adding the criteria

    where [fieldname for check box] = true

    you can do this in the query behind the recordsource for the report
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    Didn't work

    I changed the criteria and that didn't still shows all the entries, checked and no,t on the report. As for the reply from healdem...I don't really know much about the VB aspect....that was very confusing to me, but I appreciate the attempt.

    Maybe if I break it down more.
    I have a table which is populated by people entering the data into a simple form (named DA File Request Entry) which asks for - Last Name, First Name, Date, Docket #, Officer.
    I created another form (named Completed Requests) that the person who actually pulls the files can go into to mark them as completed.
    I have a two queries, one(Files Needed) that pulls the entry and another Completed File Tracker) which shows the completed entries. The report is for the person who has to retrieve the files. I want the report to only show the files that have not been retrieved yet. It currently shows all the files. The ones that are checked and the ones that are not. Over time this report will become huge which is why I only want the incomplete ones to show.

    On the table the checkbox is a Yes/No file type.

    Thanks again for any help....

    Frustrated Tracy.

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