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    Unanswered: An Interesting scroll bar problem

    Hi I have a form with several tabs and several sub forms on them. On the main form I have some command buttons to generate reports. The main form has the scroll bar properties set to neither and when I open the form all is correct. See screen-1 attachment. When I go to any report the report screen opens the report is shown in print preview mode. When I close the report the main form is shown with both scroll bars see screen-2 attachment. If I close the main form and reopen it there are no scroll bars as intended. I have done some Google searches with no success. This may be that I am having a tough time trying to describe the problem in a Google search. Does any one have any ideas.
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    ive seen this sort of thing before, usually its down to something on your screen real estate being too big
    perhaps a form or control has its can grow property set to true
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    Problem Resolved

    Thanks Healdem for your pointer I went back to the form and on the activate event I tried docmd.restore but this did not work so changed it to Maximize and that solved the problem.

    Cheers Bob

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