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    Unanswered: Fastest way to bulk load in DB2

    I am using DB2 10.1 (AESE) partitioned, and I am trying to bulk load data as fast as I can into an empty table (along with the secondary indices created on it). Based on what I read, I am using load statement in the following way:

    load from /mnt/data/sdb/d1.csv,/mnt/data/sdc/d2.csv of del insert into myTable;

    My raw data consists of several chunks, in CSV format, and the files reside on the same machines as DB2 is running. I know (for sure) that there is no duplicate/erroneous record there (The data is generated by a generator and is safe), and I am wondering if there is any way that I force DB2 to just load it (wout any specific check, if any, it is making) - in the fastest way it can.

    I am using hash partitioning (in case it makes a difference in your suggestion).

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    You can measure the impact of the various options to the LOAD command (refer to the knowledge centre for details) that let you tweak performance.

    If your target tables are range-partitioned in addition to being hash-partitioned you have scope for further parallelism by loading different ranges in parallel then attaching those ranges later.

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    Did you read this: IBM Knowledge Center or this: IBM Knowledge Center
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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