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    Question Unanswered: Numeric Variable Syntax - HELP!

    I am going crazy here. I defined a varialbe as long, as it is an autonumber field. I then identify the dmin value of the field based on my property number. That works. I then want to delete that record but am getting a syntax error 3075 missing operator. What operator? It is numeric.

    ? DMin("KEY_NUM", "CUSTODY", "PROPERTY_NUMBER = '" & myproperty & "'")

    ? mykey

    Error thrown:

    mykey = DMin("KEY_NUM", "CUSTODY", "PROPERTY_NUMBER = '" & myproperty & "'")
    DoCmd.RunSQL ("DELETE * FROM CUSTODY WHERE [KEY_NUM] = & mykey & ")

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    DoCmd.RunSQL ("DELETE * FROM CUSTODY WHERE [KEY_NUM] = " & mykey)
    the problem is that you have to drop out of string mode to add a variable/control.

    I strongly recommend that you always assign the value of your sql to a variable (at least whilst developing the app, this makes it far easier to see what your SQL is.

    strSQL = "DELETE * FROM CUSTODY WHERE [KEY_NUM] = " & mykey
    DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL can either write it to the debug window, display it in a messagebox or immediate window

    just because the code compiles doens't mean you are forming valid SQL
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