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    Unanswered: Database Sub Form Problem

    Hello all,
    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer! I am an Access Newb and am still trying to figure out parts of using the program. I have attached my database for your review in helping me solve my problem.

    I am building a database where I can register officers from law enforcement agencies into classes. I want to be able to create queries as a roster for each class, with the date. For instance, one query would be called "Arresting 101 8/30/14".

    Anyway, here is my problem: I inserted a sub form onto the main form, called "Name of Class". I then converted the "Name of Class" field into a combo box so that I can choose the class name easier. However, when I choose a class to go with the student, for instance John Doe is registering for Perishable Skills, it won't save with John's record. If you load the Student table, you will see I have other stuff saved for John, but I cannot get the Name of the Class to save in his record...therefore, it would not show up on the query, which isn't working either, but that's another forum post!


    Thanks again.

    ~Laurel May~
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    I can't open your file, you're apparently running v2010 or v2013, but it sounds as if the Combobox is not Bound to the 'Name of Class' Field in the Student Table. In Design View, right-click on the Combobox, click on Properties and go to the Data Tab. Use the dropdown box to select the appropriate Field for the Control Source.

    Linq ;0)>

    BTW, when attaching files, it's better to save it in an earlier format, preferably 2003 format. That allows more people to download and open your file, hence more people to give you advice.
    Hope this helps!

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