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    Unanswered: Question about the forum

    dear Path (or some one interested)

    As far as i understand, this forum is propoerty of a company that friendly and kindly let us "chat"

    i have two questions.

    1. Are the post propertie of the company?

    2. would it be an "abuse" or something wrong to create a new independent forum for only brilliant users???

    i was searching and i could "easily" (i think) host a nice forum like this, in my server, devoted only to brillinat.... so... if i do it could i invite in a post the other users to joint?

    3. if i do it, is anybody interested in being moderator?

    4. could we copy and paste our post here to the new forum?

    *** i would like to remark that this is a nice friendly question and it is not a try to offend any bodyes business.

    (off course that i can get a no as an answer, i would like to remark that this is a friendly offer)

    best regards

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    1. I can't comment on who owns the posts, but I know that by posting you agree that we have the right to use/display the posts as we see fit. The IP law behind who owns the posts is WAY outside of my expertise. I can get the answer if you need it, but I've been the Administrator here for years and I've never really needed to know!
    2. This IS a forum for Brilliant Database users. I'm curious, but what on earth would you gain by hosting a site yourself? It is a LOT of work and expense, and you'd end up with less than you've got now. I can't see any point in wasting your effort, but I doubt that iNetInteractive would bother to try to stop you.
    3. I would expect you to be the moderator, otherwise you'll need to delegate that job to someone else. Good luck with that. Good moderators are VERY hard to find, train, and retain.
    4. No. Reposting DBForums content in bulk would definitely get the attention of the powers that be, and they would not be happy about it!
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    yes, you are right, the only thing that we (i) could get by this is a better order to look into the themes...

    take a look at this forum (i use it in regularly) DIY Motion Simulator Community • Mainpage it is so so easy to navegate.

    (and offcourse i dont want to get extra work )


    (why not open a new forum just for brilliant? in the same domain...

    best regards and again thanks for the opportunity to chat in this forum. (by the way... if you decide to delete my thread for any reason i am ok with it)

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