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    Unanswered: Calculating days between Start Date and Today ?

    Hi I have form which automatically takes a start value for today the fieldname is Date.
    now what I want to do is calculate the difference between Date and Today's date in days with 2 criteria's
    Ist criteria will be choosing the field which has a boolean field named Was Issue Resolved and has value as Null or False
    and second criteria will be to show only days with greater than 21 days

    This is what I m trying to do

    Expr3: DateDiff("d",[Date],[date()])

    but gives me error on date() as it can't find this parmater

    I tried this also

    But its not population difference between the Date and Today Date

    Please Help

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    If the field in red


    is actually Date, then you obviously have to change it! Date is a Reserved Word, in Access, and RWs should never be used as the name for anything in Access; sooner or later this practice will cause problems!

    Otherwise that bit of code looks correct.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    Where is this code being used
    is it a filter ar where clause

    Date() is a vba function not a table or column name so doesnt require delimiting with square brackets

    datediff returns the difference in periods between two date values you nay be better iff using dateadd

    however I dont yse the query designer. Im old school and yse the sql view. I tend to think GUI tools come between you and the code ( and yes MS DOS 5 is a perfectly good OS).....
    So for ne oaste tgd actual sql here. Switch to SQL view to see yhat
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