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    Unanswered: Underscores in Relationship View, Orphaned table

    In my database relationship view, I'm noticing that some of the tables are listed more than once and are made unique by the addition of _1, _2, etc., to the end of the table name. Two questions:
    1. What causes that?
    2. I had to delete relationships from a table because I had to change the primary key from text to number. When I did that, it orphaned one of those additionally numbered tables. What do I do with that table? Or, what do I need to understand to proceed?

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    its the way the realtionships GUI represents more than one key between two tables

    what I tend to do is to hide the _1..... _x behind the original image of the table, which seems to satisfy my OCD urges that I see the table only once
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    Thank you

    From what I understand, the relationships view is not creating tables, but using pictures of tables to illustrate relationships. I'm supposing the _1 or _2 name of a table means there is more than one relationship that needs to be shown to the same field in that table.

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