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    Unanswered: Multiple record entry in one form

    I am setting up a database in MS Access for a small business in order to track the weights of agricultural commodities as they pass through a smaller sized processing plant.

    The fields are:

    LotID (primary)
    Trailer (Front or rear? This field would require at least two records on this form to differentiate between a front trailer weight and a rear trailer weight)
    TrailerLicensePlate (front or rear... requiring 2 records on this form).

    I am direct inputting from a paper manifest form and multiple entry into this MS Access form would make data input for lower skilled employees much easier than the general record-by-record method used by MS Access.

    I am interested in setting up a form to enter multiple records into a table at the same time. I have read about subforms but I do not understand what they are and am not sure whether they would apply to my situation. Should I instead buy SAP or Oracle? My budget is not terribly large, so I am trying MS Access first. Thanks, Joe

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    assuming you are using plain vanilla Access using bound controls (if you don't know what that is then you are )

    the Access way to do this is to have a two tables
    one ddeinfes the delivery (the registration the date, and so on
    the other defines items in the delivery

    you don't need SAP for this (or any other Business management process, nor do you need Oracle or another form of db to do this.

    Arguably you could define trailer 1 & trailer 2 as discrete items in the same table. although it 'violates' good db design practice, sometimes effective design requires that.

    LotID (primary)
    TrailerLicensePlate (front or rear... requiring 2 records on this form).

    onje problem with this approach is if triple trailers are allowed or there is a possibility that more than two are allowed
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