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    Unanswered: How do you make a form fill out a source table and a linked table at once?

    I am tracking five databases in one to connect decisions made in various departments regarding multiple systems. My General layout so far is an
    Issues table (common information, auto primary key), which is tracking the following Unique tables (custom tracking numbers are the primary keys in these tables).
    1. Incidents
    2. Tickets
    3. WorkArounds
    4. Defects
    5. DCRs

    When inputting data, how do I set up the form so that after inputting the common information in the issues table, I can input a unique tracking number that will go into that unique table as well as update the issues table with the associated unique table tracking number.

    For example, An Issue has common information that is needed regardless of the unique table. Then, I want to add a Defect. How can I associate the Defect# with the Issue# and add the Defect# to the Defect table, simultaneously?
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    I'm guessing you want INCIDENTS as the master table?
    all others would be child tables to it.
    The Master form would connect to INCIDENTS and a sub-form for each of the others.
    That way you can enter defects for the given incident., etc.

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    I figured out how to do it and then when I came back and saw your makes sense. Thank you! I'm still learning the lingo, so master and child were not descriptions that I immediately understood until reading the post again a few days later. I appreciate you taking the time to answer!

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