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    Unanswered: inner join query

    What wrong is the following query,i try to use it but give me error like sql code can not be execute.
    In my database there are 5 table.
    SELECT paper_list,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thrsday,friday,saturday,sunday FROM papers AS p INNER JOIN papers_rate AS pr ON p.paper_list = pr.paper_list WHERE customer_id = ?
    in my database i knowling made mistake in writing them.
    Please tel me.Thanks in advance for the help

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    I expect the error is in 'from customer_id = ?'
    Usually the error message is more explicit than 'sql code can not be execute' though, so its hard to tell

    if it isnt the fragment above then it could be the way the join is formed but at first glance that looks OK

    failing that it could be a typo or missing column, but again the error message usually gives a clue on that.
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