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    Unanswered: Help with command button and listbox selection

    Hi, new to the forum here. I am looking for assistance setting up a command button to open a report based on a selection from a listbox. In my listbox called lstDetailedCharts i have 3 reports populating the list. I am unable however to successfully use a command button to open whichever of the 3 reports I've selected. I know how to setup a basic command button to open a single report but not one based on a user selection. Any help/guidance greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Have a table tReports:
    name, report

    The list box uses this table as its data source (with report as the bound column),
    the user picks the name,
    the button will open the report as docmd.openreport lstDetailedCharts , acViewPreview

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    Thank you so much for your reply. I've got it working now. I couldn't figure out that little bit of VBA you provided and of course was thinking it was a much bigger task than it was.

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