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    Unanswered: Linking Data Between Tables Based on Matched Columns

    I have an access database with two tables. Table 1 has items under columns A, B, & C. Table 2 has items under columns D, E, and F. Table 1 Column C has data that matches items in column F of table 2. While column C in table 1 is a unique value for that column column F of table 2 has multiples of the same value. How can I get the database to take the item in column C and find the corresponding value in column F and then copy all of the items in columns D and E in table 2 to columns A and B in table 1?

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    use a join, or possibly a where
    Update one table based on another table (MDB) - Access

    update table1 set table1.A=table2.D. table1.B=table2.E
    join table2 on table1.C = table2.F
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