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    Unanswered: Small DB Design Question


    I am currently writing a website to keep track of all my movies. I have a database with one table that stores the file information of each movie (file name,path to file,file extension,etc..) I wrote a perl script that scans the hard drive and then updates the database.

    I have written a second script that reads the file name from the db, searches the web, and then returns such information as plot,genre,year,etc..

    My question is, would it be better to expand my table for the new details of the movies? Or should I create a new table with this information and then link them together?

    Thanks in advance

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    depends what you are trying to achieve

    if most of the data capture is done by the PERL disk crawler, based on information embedded int he files it discovers in those files then your DB is effectively a list of data from elsewhere, so the rules on data normalisation don't neccessarily apply. if you are adding this sort of information in retrospectively and you want to constrain the data so that typos's dont occur (eg say Genres of Romcom, Romantic Comedy don't get separated then use a relational db and techniques developed for relational DB's/

    if the information is already out there why duplicate it. there's lots of reasons why you may want to, but whether they are the 'rich't reasons for you only you can say
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