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    Unanswered: what's the size of your production DBs?


    what's the size of your production DBs?

    We have at the moment 60 GB, but it's fast growing. 2015 it will be 250 GB. Can MySQL handle that?

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    MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: D.7 Limits in MySQL

    MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: D.7.3 Limits on Table Size

    its more likely you are going to hit hardware limits on your sever, than you are going to hit db size limits. whether that hardware limit is network throughput, cpu loadings (size, number and so on), disk architecture, server memory depends. You probably need to do a full impact analysis if our db is growing that fast

    you may need to redesign the application to make certain its optimised for large data and a large number of concurrent connections

    db size is constrained by the underlying OS on the server, but with modern OS's multi TB db's are available
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    I'm pretty new to MySQL so grain of salt ... but

    I was blown away at how MySQL grinds to a halt the moment it has to use Temp DB for interim tables normally kept in memory; and how easily that happened.

    A few days digging into the Config file settings fixed it. Apparently configuring TempDB onto a memory drive is an alternative fix that allows for much bigger tables.

    Our DB is very small by comparison (10GB) so surely you've seen the same.

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