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    Unanswered: Having trouble returning all values

    I have a search page that searches through 4 criteria, 2 of the criteria are combo boxes that have dropdown options to search by state and by product, I want to make it so if I don't use the drop down it returns all values, I had it working when I only had one of these criteria but when I added the second it only worked if I used both of them in my search, I did this in design view and added the criteria:

    [Forms]![industrialsearch]![productcombo] Or [Forms]![industrialsearch]![productcombo] is Null

    and I did the same for the state search, does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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    Where, exactly and how, are you using

    [Forms]![industrialsearch]![productcombo] Or [Forms]![industrialsearch]![productcombo] is Null

    In VBA code, instead of

    Whatever Is Null

    you'd use


    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    You need a decision tree to determine the filter to apply..

    dim sWhere as string
    'the form shows all records..'this will filter them depending on user picks:
    sWhere = ""
    if not isnull(cboST) then sWhere = sWhere & "[state]='" & cboST & "' and"
    if not isnull(txtName) then sWhere = sWhere & "[Name]='" & txtName & "' and"
    if not isnull(txtProd) then sWhere = sWhere & "[Product]='" & txtProd & "' and"
    if len(sWhere)>0 then   'remove the last AND
      sWhere = left(sWhere,len(sWhere)-3)
      me.filter = sWhere
      me.filteron = true
      me.filteron = false
    end if

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