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    Question Unanswered: Automatic Script run

    Good morning to all
    This is my issue:

    I use PARADOX 10.0 in the company where i work.

    I create a script the import data from a a txt file and put this information inside a table on paradox.
    But till now i have to do this operation manually, every day i have to double click on script to run it.
    Do It is possible to do this operation automatically (like a macro)? For example set an automatic command that run the script every day at the 12.00 am.

    I try to use the "Scheduled Tasks" on Window but it doesn't work.

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    you can open a form when pdoxwin opens (on the command line), and the script can be the open event in the form.. that can be run as a scheduled task.. for more detail or questions, go to the paradox community group

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