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    Unanswered: issues logging into ASE15.7 using isql64

    I'm new to Sybase and I'm trying to setup a general, vanilla instance. I have successfully created the instance, and am able to log into the LOCALHOST server with 'sa'.

    I'm now trying to create and log in with a different userid and I'm running into problems. This is a Red Hat 5 installation. Here is my workflow (as sa):

    use master
    create login testuser with password abc123 default database master
    sp_adduser testuser
    grant all to testuser

    Now I would assume this is all I would need, but when I run isql64:

    isql64 -U testuser -P abc123 -S LOCALHOST

    I get the standard:
    Msg 4002, Level 14, State 1:
    Login failed.
    CT-LIBRARY error:
    ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error: The attempt to connect to the server failed.

    My entry in the interfaces file is:
    master tcp ether localhost 5000
    query tcp ether localhost 5000

    What am I missing?

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    I am not certain, but try it without space.

    isql64 -Utestuser -Pabc123 -SLOCALHOST

    Also, look into sqsh(It is sooo much better than isql).

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    isql64 connection

    U can Use
    isql64 -S[server name] -U[user name] -P[password]

    for encryption
    isql64 -S[server name] -U[user name] -P[password] -X

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    command for isql and isql64

    For encryption-
    isql64 –S[sever name] –U[user name] –P[Password] –X

    isql –S[sever name] –U[user name] –P[Password] -X

    for Non-Encryption-

    isql64 –S[sever name] –U[user name] –P[Password]

    isql –S[sever name] –U[user name] –P[Password]
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