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    Unanswered: Building Query, How can i see values of columns


    I am trying to build a query in Access. i have 240K row, there are probably 50 or so unique values in a particular column I want to filter.

    Is there a way, when building this query, that access shows what the unique values of that column are so I can build the query?

    I know I can do a DISTINCT query, but that seems to much (its obviously not for this 1 particular column or project).

    i assumed that when you are in design mode, Access has a side panel or something that shows the possible values in which to build your query against, or do you have to memorize each columns value for every column?

    there has to be some sort of assistance with this...right?

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    select mycolumn, count(mycolumn) from mytable
    group by mycolumn
    order by mycolumn
    should get you there

    as should
    Select distinct(mycolumn) from mytable
    Replace mycolumn with the name of the column, my table with the name of the table.

    as to how you expresss that in the query designer.... dunno. I use the sql view.

    or use a subquery
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