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    Unanswered: Lock on table while inserting data in SQL Server database

    I have question on lock on table in SQL Server while inserting data using multiple processes at a single time into same table.

    Here are my questions on this,
    1) Is it default behavior of SQL server to lock table while doing insert?
    2) if yes to Q1, then how we can implicitly mention while inserting data.
    3) If I have 4 tables and one table is having foreign keys from rest of the 3 tables, on this scenario do I need to use the table lock explicitly or without that I can insert records into those tables?

    Please help me to understand the same.

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    1) Not the whole table, no. Locks start at the lowest level of granularity and escalate as needed.
    2) I am not sure what you mean here.
    3) You never have to use hints to INSERT data.
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