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    Unanswered: Adding three hours to a time stamp

    Hi All,

    Apologies first of all.
    I asked the same question in sybase section by accident.
    Posting in the correct section again.

    We have a table with columns like
    |First_Occurance |Second_Occurance |
    |Jan 6 2014 11:06AM|Jan 6 2014 11:30AM |

    We need to add three hours to each row in First_Occurance column in a table to convert it from PST to EST.

    The current format is Jan 6 2014 11:06AM and we need to add three hours to it to make it look like Jan 6 2014 2:06PM after the update.

    Requesting some guidance.
    Thank you.

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    i figured, we can do
    update test_table

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