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    Unanswered: Contact DB "Find" button not working...

    Hello all,

    I have attached my Contact database. Do you know why the “Find” button doesn’t work? I try to put my cursor into the “Company” field, and do a “find”. We only have 3 contacts right now, and they are test contacts. The third contact’s “Company” field says “college”, so I tried searching “college” in the “Company” field, and it did not find her record!

    Hoping you can help? THANK YOU!
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    It does if the sbfrmCompanys is opened independently! But, if I understand your question correctly, the native 'Find' feature is not going to work when sbfrmCompanys is being used as the Source Object of the Subform of your Contacts Form. That's like having the horse following the cart!

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    Oooh got it. I didn't even think of that! OK so there is no solution, except to build my database differently?

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