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Thread: Join two tables

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    Unanswered: Join two tables


    I have two tables that i want to join. The columns in the tables have different data types.

    ZRFF table EDW table
    ---------- ------------
    1770 001770
    40 000040
    4560 004560

    How would i join the columns above? I would performing the query in ms access 2010.


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    Well I suppose you could kludge it and coerce the data to be the same type, or heres a radical thought... uf tbe data should be matched, then it shoukd be the same dara type.. so make it the same data type.

    the kludge workaround would be to either firmat yhe number to a string or convert the string to the number
    join table2 on table1.thiscolumn = clng(table2.thatcolumn)
    join table2 on format(table1.thiscolumn, "000000") = table2.thatcolumn
    neither is especially satisfactory.
    If table2 has an alpha value I dont know howthe SQL engine will act
    if your numbers exceed 999999 then you will have problems.

    kludge workarounds are never a smart call, especially if they get left in production environments. Far smarter to fix the problem than let a kludge fester and your (possibly) ex colleagues think you were a numpty for letting such a kludge persust
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