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    Unanswered: Update a quantity

    I am making an inventory / order entry system for an internship. I am having trouble getting the calculations to work.

    The user will enter an initial quantity of the product they want to produce.
    Then later the user can update that quantity if more is made.

    I tried with a query using just one text field on a table. I got the initial amount, then took the sum of that then added the new quantity to that sum, which didn't work.

    I also tried having two fields an initial sum then an update quantity on my products table. Yes the calculations didn't work out right in my query.

    I am sure this is a simple fix, I just cant figure it out.

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    Please post the code (VBA and/or SQL).
    Have a nice day!

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    I figure it out, but thank you for being willing to help. I just had to put the table on my form to get the values to calculate correctly.

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