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    Unanswered: Set named paramater for report

    I have an report that uses name paramaters.

    this is the sql for the report
    PARAMETERS [whatCompany] Text ( 255 );
    SELECT tblInvoices.ClientCompany, tblInvoices_Details.Charge, Sum(tblInvoices_Details.Hours)
     AS SumOfHours, tblInvoices.InvoiceID
    FROM tblInvoices INNER JOIN tblInvoices_Details ON tblInvoices.InvoiceID = tblInvoices_Details.InvoiceID
    GROUP BY tblInvoices.ClientCompany, tblInvoices_Details.Charge, tblInvoices.InvoiceID
    HAVING (((tblInvoices.ClientCompany)=[whatCompany]));
    How do I pass the paramaters to the report? I've tried several different ways but can't get it to work
    Dim stdocname As String
    Dim stLink As String
    stdocname = "RptWithParm"
    stLink = "ClientCompany = " & "'" & Me.lstCustomer & "'" 'Using the field name doesn't work
    DoCmd.OpenReport stdocname, acViewReport, , stLink
    'When I try to set the value of the paramater that doesn't work either
    stLink = "[whatCompany] = " & "'" & Me.lstCustomer & "'" 'using the paramater name doesn't work
    DoCmd.OpenReport stdocname, acViewReport, , stLink
    I know I could use the value of the form in the criteria like this
    HAVING (((tblInvoices.ClientCompany)=[Forms]![frmTesRptParm]![lstCustomer]));
    If I use the list box as the criteria I want to be able to use reports in other than one place, plus there are over 80,000 records and it'll run faster if I set the criteria before the report opens instead of setting a filter after it opens to only show up to about 100.

    Can someone help me with this?

    BTW - I using MS Access 2010

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    well you could pass the company as part of the reports onopen event filter

    usually you are better off using another table to constrain the company to ensure data consistency.
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