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    Question Unanswered: Error when c# calls my stored procedure.

    I have a stored procedure with this code in an ELSE IF block. When my c# code calls it, it returns an error of "Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '1007 Single Family FHA' to datatype tinyint."

    The varchar value is stored in the P.ProductName column and table.

    Any idea what is causing this error?

    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM @updateTable AS UT
                         INNER JOIN tSpecialPricingSheetPrice AS SPSP ON (SPSP.SpecialPricingSheetPriceKey = UT.SpecialPricingSheetPriceKey)
                         LEFT OUTER JOIN tState AS S ON (SPSP.StateID = S.StateID)
                         LEFT OUTER JOIN tCounty AS C ON (SPSP.CountyKey = C.CountyKey)
                         LEFT OUTER JOIN tProduct AS P ON (SPSP.ProductKey = P.ProductKey)
                         WHERE ISNULL(UT.RegionNumber, 0) <> ISNULL(SPSP.RegionNumber, 0) AND
                               ISNULL(S.StateName, '(' + C.StateID + ') ' + C.CountyName) <> UT.StateCounty AND
                               ISNULL(SPSP.ProductGroupNumber, 0) <> ISNULL(UT.Product, 0) AND
                               ISNULL(P.ProductName, '') <> ISNULL(UT.Product, '')
                  ) > 0

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    what's the data type of UT.Product? sometime you isNull it to a character and sometimes a zero? I would bet your issue is there.
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    Aha! It wasn't that, it was an issue with the 3rd part of the WHERE clause. I accidentally called SPSP.ProductGroupNumber (which is a tinyint) against UT.Product (which is a varchar)! Should have called against UT.ProductGroupNumber!

    Your response did get me thinking though!

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