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    Unanswered: VBA Code and Inventory Calculations

    I am new to VBA code so for creating my inventory database I downloaded the northwind 2007 example then changed the forms and added some of my own code to accomplish what I needed in a database.

    Now I am stuck. I want to be able to place an order even if there isn't sufficient inventory in stock. I also need the code to subtract the out of stock amount from the inventory causing negative values in my inventory list.

    I tried adding a new status called Reserved then when there is no stock and the user clicks create order it would change the no stock word to "reserved" then change the status to allocated so the inventory would be set aside until more was made and added to the database. This didn't work. I just didn't know where to add the information since I am not to familiar with VBA code.

    I have what I am working on attached. I am just unsure (since i didn't need a restocking system(Purchase Orders) what code I need or don't need).

    Any suggestion would be great. I am just having issued know what code connects to what and the best way to still be able to create an order and have the inventory quantity become negative if none available.
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