Currently we've 2*db server (10g + RAC) and an old SAN storage (which keep datafile , managed by ASM)
Our customer has requested us to physically relocate all those equipment to new location. but you see .. the SAN storage is too old and here our concern is to minimize the possible risks with arranging PlanB to prevent loss of data.

current storage config:
10 * 200GB - for datafiles
1 * 20MB - for spfile
3 * 200GB - for voting disks
2 * 200GB - for ocr

So .. I was thinking of:

Before relocation:
1- Customer provides required disk space (exatcly same as current storage) on a new SAN storage.
2- We'll configure those new LUNs with our db servers (in OS level)
3- Discover new LUNs in oracle db server and create new diskgroup in ASM in both db servers.
4- take a full backup from db server (INCREMENTAL LEVEL=0)

After relocation:
1- If the old SAN storage was ok, and db servers could successfully connect to that storage .. everything is fine and no need further action, customer can release the disk space on new SAN storage.
2- If not, we need to delete the old diskgroup from db servers and try to restore the backup on new diskgroup.

What do you think about this procedure ? is it ok ? can you please share your idea about this ..

ps: also I 'm not sure about migrating voting disks, ocr, spfile into new SAN storage. can you please help on this too ?