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    Unanswered: Is it possible to make Acess 2002 like an online Database

    We have an access database with many forms, reports, and tables and obviously with a lot of data in it. I would like to know whether it is possible to use this database online so that users can login to their database in the same way as when then are using it on their desktops.

    More information: We will obviously want to be able to use the Forms and Reports in exactly the same way as they are.

    Any advice and tips would be much appreciated.
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    Exactly No
    Access doesnt' scale well when used on a WAN/over the internet in a multi user environment. you may be able to say transfer a copy of the db to the remote user, let them do whatever they need locally, then transfer back the changed db

    if your users need to they can use a copy of the Access runtime FoC for A2007 and later, for earlier versions the runtime is chargeable, but you can use earlier DB's in the more modern runtime

    No file sharing DB scales well
    .. what you could do though is use a server backend that provides the data remotely within Access.. but thats probably going to need a complete re design of the back end and the way forms and reports interact
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