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    Unanswered: data Range

    have a small problem. I have a report based on a query which requires the user
    to input the date range. I would like this date range to be a label in the

    i already keying tha formula fo the data range.. Audit Fees
    Report is my form

    Between [Forms]![Purchase Report]![From] And [Forms]![Purchase Report]![To]

    I am trying to run a report for the period
    "December 1 2010 to March 31 2011" However, it came out a warning message

    " the expression is typed incorrectly or it is too complex....bla simplifying the expression by assigning parts pf the expression to

    anything wrong for my formula?

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    I found that a problem too...( Hey Access, its not really complex)
    BUT what I did is:
    create a text box (mine is invisible to user) called txtRng. When the user clicks the open report button, a small code writes the 'text' version of the date range ....
    txtRng = "From " & [Forms]![Purchase Report]![From] & " to " & [Forms]![Purchase Report]![To]
    then opens the report, and the query has a virtual field : [Forms]![Purchase Report]![txtRng]

    Access cant calculate that formula but it CAN just display the text box value.
    (stupid Access)

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