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    Unanswered: Duplicated Values - Show all records

    Hi to all

    Hope someone can assist me.

    I have a query to show approved project amount and budget already approved. Example, project P14-AB has an approved amount of $1,707K, but because there are 2 budgets raised against this project, the project amount gets repeated in the query.

    How to remove the "extra" amount to reflect only $1,707K. Do note that I still want the records to show.



    Project Code Project Amount Budget Code Amount
    P13-AA 6,430 B13-AA-001 6,430.00
    P14-AA 4,400,000.00 B14-AA-001 4,400,000.00
    P14-AB 1,707,000.00 B14-AB-001 1,512,794.00
    P14-AB 1,707,000.00 B14-AB-002 194,206.00

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    without seeing the query and table design there's not a lot that can be done.
    why is this a problem. you can filter out this sort of issue in the form or reprot that presents the data
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