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    Red face Unanswered: 'The Microsoft Access database engine cannot find a record in the table

    I am incurring a message saying 'The Microsoft Access database engine cannot find a record in the table "Process Prices' with key matching field(s) 'Process'.

    There is Quote table which has a field 'process' that is linked to Process Name ID in a table 'Process Name'. Within this table there are 10 fields (process 1, process 2... process 10). Each of these fields is linked to Process ID in the Process Price table which contains the Process, set up cost and price per unit.

    The Quote FORM has process 1, process 2...process 10 and on this form I am incurring the above message. I understand that the topic area I am looking at is normalisation but I am not sure how to change my database so that it works.


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    without seeing the table design and or the query design there is precious little we can do to help

    however whenevr I see a table wilt columns names Process1,Process2....processX I tend to fear the worst

    the error message is saying it cannot find a column called process in table Process Prices, not process 1, process 2 or whatever

    that woudl be the first point of call

    using spaces in tabel and column names is a recipie for disaster. if you need the sapcdes to make the column names more human friendly then set the caption property for the column in the table design. otherwise use CamelCase or underscores. EG:-

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