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    Unanswered: Procedure to get minimum set of records from each table


    I have a scenario as I need to read a table(consists only one column with 1000 records) as a procedure1 & to pass that value to another procedure2.On that second procedure it should accept the value (table name) from procedure1 & I need to query some set of records from all the tables.I can do this as a program.Thing is that I need to do all these as db2 procedures itself. As, I am new to these procedures unable to figure it out.

    Sample snippet of code will be appreciated.

    Kindly help me.
    Thanks in advance

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    if you are new - try to read the doc or look in sample directory where all samples of stored procedures are available
    platform-db2 level ? your sample ?
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    Procedure to get minimum set of records from each table


    I tried to find few samples from the Google. I am unable to get. Please let me know some what clear where can i get these sample set of procedures plz.

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    If your db2-server runs on some kind of Unix, find the samples/sqlpl tree under the db2-installation-location. IBM gives a sample of a nested stored procedure in that place, for SQL PL.
    These samples are also in the Knowledge-Centre for DB2 online.

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