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    Unanswered: Create foreign key using composite primary key

    I am trying to create a FK using a composite PK and here are the details that I want to achieve.
    Table -A
    Column A1 not null,
    Column A2 not null
    Primary key (A1, A2).

    Table -B
    Column B1 Primary key.
    Column B2 not null
    FK (B2) References A(A1).

    When I try to do this I am getting some errors. Questions: First of all is this possible? if yes, then how I can create it. Please let me know on the same.


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    if you primary key is a composite, so must be your foreign key. I tend to stay away from composite keys.

    ADD CONSTRAINT FK_boo_hoo FOREIGN KEY (blah,blah2) REFERENCES blah(blah,blah2)
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