I hope this is the right section of the forum for sql query help. I have three different tables in my phpmyadmin database for my website (Topics, Message, MessageReply). Users will have the ability to post messages within a topic and also respond to messages posted within each topic. I am now stuck trying to write a query that will display all of the topics created in one column and all Messages + Message Replies to those topics in a 2nd column. Please help.

This is my query so far...it works to display all topics with message count but I want to add the messagereply count to the message count as well.

SELECT Topics.TopicName, COUNT(message.MsgID), DATE_FORMAT(TopicActiveDate, '%M-%d-%Y') AS ActiveDate
FROM topics
Left Join message
ON topics.TopicName=message.TopicName
GROUP BY TopicName
Order By Topics.TopicActiveDate DESC