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    Unanswered: Column(#) on a subform

    Hi i hope that someone can help me.
    Im looking to find a way to update a Value from an subform to update other textboxes with the 2e and 3e collumn.

    Normaly on the same form the code would be like: me!txtTextBox1 = me!cboComboBox1.column(1)
    if tried to use:
    [forms]![frmMAINFORM]![frmSUBFORM].[txtTextBox1] = [forms]![frmMAINFORM]![frmSUBFORM].[txtTextBox1].column(1)
    [forms]![frmMAINFORM]![frmSUBFORM].Form![txtTextBox1] = [forms]![frmMAINFORM]![frmSUBFORM].Form![txtTextBox1].column(1)

    But thos both return the error 438.

    The thing i want to achive is to run the: me!txtTextBox1 = me!cboComboBox1.column(1) but trigger if from an other (sub) form.

    Hope someone has a solution.

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    Thx its done!

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