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I'm very new to database design - I've been playing with Filemaker Pro for a couple of months now and have created a relational database which we plan to use as a back end of a website. My web team will be making a shiny front end for this but before we launch it properly I need to be able to share the database with remote workers (academic researchers) for a number of months while they enter data.

The data and the links are going to take some thinking about (they are to do with education) so this isn't a case of just collecting names and addresses in csvs and uploading. Ideally the users need to be able to see a pretty fully functioning UI to think about how the data is all connected.

I've trialed FileMaker WebDirect which is the kind of thing which I'm after. However, to use this I need a server machine which I'm not sure my IT director will give me.

So can any recommend any online systems which will allow me to create a fairly complex relational database which will be hosted online and allow data entry from remote users?